Veggie Happy's Approach


We're Veggie Happy: we focus on what's positive and what's possible

We encourage you, the customer, to provide feedback and suggestions to food establishments. Foodservice managers keep track of the comments they receive and take them seriously. Empower yourself! You can make a difference with just five minutes of your time.

We focus on mainstream appeal and viable options. Mainstream consumers (sometimes referred to as "flexitarians" or omnivores) are the ones who are driving the demand for viable plant-based options.

We urge large venues to provide good exposure and clear signage. We also generally advise integrating plant-based options into regular stands and menus. Easy access is key for sales to reflect true interest.

We celebrate new and expanding menus! Our Venue Guide is referenced by thousands of fans. We also alert subscribers and the public with news and updates.

Veggie Happy is Soy Happy, too. Soy Happy is a federally registered trademark ®