Concessions 101


How do concession companies work? The more informed you are, the more powerful your menu suggestions can be.

Read "Encouraging Vegetarian Foods at Concession Stands." This article was written in 2004 by director Johanna McCloy for The Vegetarian Journal. It provides a general and informative outline of the foodservice business.

Where/how do they get their food? Most concession companies, at least the larger ones, use super distributors such as Sysco as their food suppliers. This allows them to go to one supplier for almost all of their needs, making it a one contract, one stop shop. Consequently, they are less inclined to consider foods that are not already available through their distributor.  

Will they consider anything that is not available through their distributor? A direct arrangement can be made between a food company and venue through another distribution channel, direct shipments, or as a special request through the existing distributor. This has been negotiated in several arenas.

When do concessionaires change their menus? Concession managers are always receptive to customer feedback. If the suggestions aren’t immediately implemented, many concession managers still tally your comments. If enough of the same suggestions come in, they note that. They also look at their tallied comments at the start of each season to consider possible additions or changes to their existing menu..




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