Concessions 101


How do concession companies work? The more informed you are, the more powerful your suggestions can be.

Where and how do they get their food? Most concession companies use foodservice distributors such as Sysco as their food suppliers. This allows them to go to one supplier for almost all of their needs, making it a one contract, one-stop shop. Consequently, they are less inclined to consider foods that are not already offered in their distributor's local warehouse.  

What if a food item I want is not already carried by their local distributor? Another arrangement will sometimes be made to receive particular food items, either as direct shipments via the food company or as a special request through the distributor.

When is the best time to contact concessionaires with feedback? Concession managers are always receptive to customer feedback. They also keep a tally of fan comments, which they usually review a few months before the start of a new season (if it's a sports venue). This means that if a fan's suggestion is not implemented right away, it can still make a difference months later.

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