Supporting plant-based menu items


It's important to support newly introduced plant-based options while they are considered "tentative" and need time to gain traction.

Share your positive remarks in person. Note that concession managers patrol the venue throughout the game or event and appreciate direct and positive reinforcement, so ask for that person and let him or her see your happy faces!

Share your positive remarks by phone or email. Check our Venue Guide for all MLB and NFL listings. Each listing includes contact information for the venue. (Watch for the new, mobile-friendly website and directory (Venue Guide) in summer, 2017!)

Spread the word. Share menu updates through your social networks; email the information to friends and fellow fans.

Patronize this venue. Give them your business. In-house promotions and information about new menu items may be scarce, so it's key for fans to keep sales alive while people are still finding out they exist.

Organize a group outing to boost sales and generate a positive relationship with the venue. Bring a digital camera and take photos of your group. Share posts and photos on the "We're Veggie Happy" Facebook page!

Notify local news media. Suggest a story to Health, Lifestyle or Sports writers. Write a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper.

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