Below is a list of organizations and other resources related to advocacy, animals, plant-based diets and more. (They are in alphabetical order.)

Bay Area Vegetarians
Monthly social & advocacy events to connect, support, and build the vegetarian & animal rights community in the SF Bay Area. 

Carpenter Trade
Lighter, stronger, custom-tailored non-leather baseball gloves. Carpenter Trade gloves were voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum's permanent collection! This is the first non-leather glove ever used in professional baseball.

Dare To Be Fabulous
Dare To Be Fabulous features women's personal stories of daring, joy and empowerment. (Veggie Happy's director, Johanna McCloy is DTBF's co-creator and editor.)

Dawn Watch
An animal rights and welfare news and media watch. Subscribe to DawnWatch alerts for animal related news from mainstream media throughout the country...and the world.

Farm Sanctuary
A U.S.-based organization which operates farm animal sanctuaries and wages campaigns to stop the exploitation of animals raised for food.

The Food Revolution
Along with information about the life and work of John Robbins, this website provides resources to help you make food and life choices that enhance your health, express your compassion, and help create a thriving, just and sustainable planet.

HappyCow: The Healthy Eating Guide
HappyCow's Compassionate Healthy Eating Guide provides a worldwide directory of vegetarian restaurants and natural health food stores along with peer reviews.

The Humane Society of the United States
HSUS promotes the protection of all animals.

Plain Truth from the Cowboy Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Helping both medical professionals and laypeople put powerful preventive medicine (diet and lifestyle) to work.

School Lunches
Check the links on our Healthy School Lunch page.

Sierra Club
Information on the environmental damage caused by factory farms.

SoyInfo Center
The world's most complete collection of soy information. Its mission is "to be the world's leading source of information on soy, especially soyfoods, new industrial uses, and history, in electronic database, online and printed book formats."

Tribe of Heart Productions
Making use of storytelling, visual media, and the arts to present a vision of a compassionate future. Producers of the award winning documentary, The Witness and the powerful follow-up documentary, Peaceable Kingdom.
Information, resources, and all the latest news relating to a vegan diet and lifestyle. Created by Erik Marcus, author of the popular book, "Vegan: The Ethics of Eating".
Your online guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world.

North America's vegan news magazine, bringing you up-to-date information on living a cruelty-free and healthy lifestyle.

Your friendly vegetarian and vegan resource! The #1 vegetarian site on the Web. (Website host for Veggie Happy). combines a love of the vegetarian lifestyle with technical/video production knowledge to bring you "alternative" attitudes on nutrition, exercise, weight loss, disease prevention, sex and lifestyle. (They produced a segment about Soy Happy/Veggie Happy).



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