Why vegan? Why plant based?


A brief overview

The continuing rise in our world population and the influence of the Western diet on Asia and other parts of the globe have dramatically increased the demand for beef, chicken, eggs, milk, pork and other animal products. As a result, we now have an industrialized farming practice, known as “factory farming,” which confines thousands of animals in cramped factory-type spaces in order to maximize production and profit. The foods produced from these factory farms may be cheap, but a big price is paid in other ways.  (Please check the links above for more information.)

The great news

Plant-based options are increastingly plentiful and delicious. This is why food establishments continue to expand their plant based menus. For many people, these options sell not even because of health or environmental reasons, they sell because they're tasty!

Think of any animal protein, and there's a viable plant based option that will replace it. Choosing a delicious plant-based option is a win/win/win! A win for the environment and animals, a win for foodservice establishments, and a win for consumers. No wonder it's not just a trend . . . it's a movement.

If you’re new to plant-based foods, feel free to ask us for suggestions!

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